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In this season of waiting, what you focus on makes a difference. You’re not in control of how, when, or where, but you do have power over your mind, heart, and focus. Waiting doesn’t mean passive inaction. It is about intentional action towards the direction of your dreams.

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A Word From The Author

Johnnywriter is the founder of Hisparadise Therapy and he has tools to guide his clients in gaining clarity on what they want, what’s keeping them from achieving their goals, as well as designing the actionable steps to take them where they want to be. His ultimate goal as a Relationship & marriage Coach is to help others to flourish in loving relationships. Johnnywriter is highly compassionate and his experience led him to develop the ability to read between the lines and intuitively understand peoples’ hearts and minds.

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As a Life coach, and writer for over 100 online publications have covered topics related to depression, anxiety, stress, various phobias and relationships. 

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All the romantic novels and movies tell us about the long-lasting relationship wherein the protagonists grow old together. They stay together in good and bad times and die in each other’s arms. However, the reality is far-fetched from the dreamy world these pieces of art take us to.